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EuroMillions Superdraw Rollover!

EuroMillions Superdraw Rollover!
Updated: Friday 17th July 2015

The EuroMillions Superdraw game last Friday was exciting, but the next game this Tuesday promises to be even more so because the £72.8 million jackpot rolled over. That means the jackpot in the first draw of this week will be worth an estimated £81 million, and anyone who buys even a single ticket will have a chance to win that sum. In addition, one UK participant is guaranteed to win £1 million in the associated Millionaire Maker game, so if you fancy winning yourself a seven- or eight-figure pile of financial security, getting involved could make it happen!

The EuroMillions results on Friday 5 June were 02, 07, 08, 45 and 48, and the Lucky Star numbers were 01 and 09. Whilst no player managed to win the jackpot itself, nine tickets succeeded in winning a second tier prize worth £223,571 each, and we are delighted to confirm that five of those tickets had been purchased right here in the UK.

There were 10 tickets that matched five main numbers only to win £67,071 each at the third tier, and at the fourth tier a prize of £5,081 went to each of 66 tickets that matched four main numbers and both of the Lucky Star numbers. More than 4.18 million tickets won smaller prizes at the lower levels, and the total amount of cash won by UK tickets was £7,192,932, which isn’t at all bad for a game in which the jackpot rolled over! Another £1 million was won by the UK player who matched the Millionaire Maker code HXR469537.

None of the EuroMillions numbers previously highlighted as being most overdue to make an appearance managed to do so last Friday, so the main numbers to watch out for are still 16, 15, 09, 33 and 12, and the most overdue Lucky Stars are 04 and 02. For those of you who would prefer to keep an eye on the most common numbers, the most common main numbers are 50, 44, 04, 38 and 25, and the most common Lucky Stars are 03 and 08.

Will any of the numbers just mentioned make an appearance this Tuesday? And if they do, will they help someone to win the £81 million jackpot that is up for grabs? The answers to both of those questions will only become apparent after the draw has taken place, so visit this page to buy your tickets online and good luck!

Published: Monday 8th June 2015

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