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4th Birthday Superdraw

4th Birthday Superdraw
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

The £95million jackpot rolled-down and was shared amongst 16 match-5 plus one star ticket holders, with each winning around £6,462,181.  There were six winners from the UK.  Check your tickets!

Although EuroMillions operators know that there are six UK winners, it doesn't automatically follow that the winners themselves are aware of their good fortune. It could be that some of them haven't got around to checking their numbers just yet. Or perhaps one or more of the tickets was entered by a lottery syndicate and therefore jointly owned by several players.

Whatever the case, UK players are urged to check their EuroMillions tickets as soon as they can, because they are only valid for a certain length of time. The sooner the winners discover their win and make their claim, the less chance there is of them losing their ticket and missing out what is surely a bumper win.

Now that the Superdraw has been played, normal EuroMillions rules apply and the jackpot has been reset, with an estimated £11 million up for grabs this coming Friday.

Published: Monday 11th February 2008

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