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EuroMillions Stats for Players

EuroMillions Stats for Players
Updated: Wednesday 23rd April 2014

The EuroMillions jackpot tonight (Tuesday 13 September) will have an estimated value of £138 million. That makes this as good a time as any to take a look at some interesting EuroMillions stats which may or may not help someone to win the jackpot. All of this information is gleaned from our EuroMillions Statistics page so if you would like to look into things in more detail please feel free to do so. Of course, EuroMillions stats don’t increase your odds of winning, but they can be inspirational and make the act of playing the game a little bit more interesting.

The EuroMillions stats that tend to be of most interest to regular players are those which identify the numbers that haven’t been drawn for quite some time. These are referred to as the Most Overdue numbers and right now the main numbers that are most overdue to appear are 43, 09, 41, 30 and 29. The most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 06 and 10.

The next two sets of numbers that intrigue players are those that have been drawn most and least often since records began. These are sometimes referred to as Hot and Cold numbers respectively, but we keep things easy to understand by referring to them as Most Common and Least Common.

The most common main numbers right now are 50, 19, 04, 12 and 21, and the most common Lucky Stars are 03 and 05. If you like following numbers which have previously had more than their fair share of the limelight then these are ones to consider including among your selections.

The least common main numbers are currently 28, 27, 32, 39 and 48, and the least common Lucky Stars are 10 and 11. We should of course point out that the Lucky Star numbers 10 and 11 are the least common simply because they were only introduced to the EuroMillions game earlier this year. If we were to take those two numbers out of the running the least common Lucky Stars would be 04 and 02.

Consecutive numbers are very popular with players and some sets of consecutive numbers have been drawn more often than others. The most common consecutive pair among the main numbers is 49 and 50, whilst the most common consecutive pair among Lucky Star numbers is 06 and 07.

We don’t know whether any of these numbers will make an appearance in the coming game, but if you want to take some inspiration from the EuroMillions stats discussed we certainly won’t dissuade you. Buy your lottery tickets online now and good luck in the £138 million jackpot draw tonight!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Tuesday 13th September 2011

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