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Euromillions Second Tier Millionaires

Euromillions Second Tier Millionaires
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

Euromillions fever has gripped the nation since Tuesday's draw failed to produce any 5 + 2 winners meaning the jackpot was pretty much guaranteed to hit the 'Jackpot Cap'. Last night's draw did just that and whilst no one managed to take home the mega jackpot of £164,761,000, six lucky winners in the next prize tier (match 5 main and 1 Lucky Star) have woken up this morning to check the Euromillions results and found that they are multi-millionaires thanks to the 'Jackpot Cap'.

If the weather was cold and wet yesterday, the heat from Euromillions fever more than made up for it, as an estimated 900 tickets a second were snapped up by hopeful punters, desperate to get their hands on a share of the colossal prize money.

Once the Euromillions reaches its 'Jackpot Cap' (the new Euromillions rule came in force on 6th March 2009), the money in that vast prize pool rolls down to the next winning tier. This happened last night, with six players matching five main balls and one Lucky Star. They each walked away with £3,314,251 – not a bad sum for coming in second place. This morning, over 7.6 million residents of Europe woke up to the news they had won at least something on the Euromillions, with over 4.6 million winning £2.80 for matching two balls.

No matter what the weather does, this Tuesday’s Euromillions draw is going to be white-hot. Don’t miss your chance to win a share of this record-breaking total -- after all, it is the biggest ever lottery jackpot available to UK players. Buy your tickets online right now! It’s quick, easy and safe. No more lost tickets, or trudging off to the newsagents to check your numbers -- you are automatically notified of a win.

And with the time you save going to the shop, you can spend it daydreaming on how you would spend the cash if you won. A chateau and a Ferrari perhaps?

Written by Diana Nubuck

Published: Saturday 9th July 2011

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