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EuroMillions Rolls to Friday

EuroMillions Rolls to Friday
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

The EuroMillions jackpot in the draw on Tuesday 11 October wasn’t won by any player, so it rolls to the next game this Friday 14 October, when it will have an estimated value of around £23 million. Now that isn’t quite the same as the £101 million EuroMillions jackpot recently won by Dave and Angela Dawes, but it’s still a very large sum of money and should be more than enough to satisfy even the most ambitious players. And, don’t forget, when you play the EuroMillions game in the UK, every entry you purchase also gives you one entry into the Millionaire Raffle game which never fails to pay out its £1 million prize.

Although the EuroMillions jackpot rolled last night, there were plenty of winners at the lower prize levels. Five tickets matched all five main numbers (which were 01, 04, 12, 16 and 48) along with one of the two Lucky Star numbers (which were 09 and 10) to win a second-tier prize of £153,731 each. Another six tickets matched the five main numbers only to win a third-tier prize of £42,703 each.

There were 29 winning tickets at the fourth-tier level and each of those matched four main numbers and both Lucky Stars to win £4,417 each. The total number of prizes won was 1,841,713, which is lower than for the previous draw but that was to be expected for a Tuesday game with a base-line jackpot of £12 million. With around £23 million up for grabs in the draw this Friday ticket sales – and therefore the total number of prizes that should be won – are likely to increase once again.

The recent success of Dave and Angela Dawes will no doubt attract quite a few new players to the EuroMillions game who – like the rest of us – would rather like to win their own life-changing jackpot. Many will choose their own numbers, and plenty will play a random selection of numbers in the hope that fate gives them a helping hand. If those approaches aren’t sufficient, a third way of choosing numbers is to take inspiration from our EuroMillions Statistics page. Right now the most overdue main numbers are 43, 41, 29, 11 and 03, whilst the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 04 and 07. Whether any of those numbers come up and help someone to win the jackpot this Friday remains to be seen.

Before we get to that game there is a double rollover Lotto jackpot of around £9.2 million to play for this evening (Wednesday 12 October). Buy your lottery tickets for both games today and if you don’t win the Lotto jackpot tonight you just might become a EuroMillionaire this Friday!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Wednesday 12th October 2011

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