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EuroMillions Rollover for Bank Holiday

EuroMillions Rollover for Bank Holiday

The EuroMillions game this Friday 1 May will get the Bank Holiday weekend off to a terrific start by offering a rollover jackpot with an estimated value of £17 million. In addition, the Millionaire Maker game is certain to live up to its name by bestowing millionaire status on one EuroMillions player in the UK, so even if the jackpot in the main game rolls over, someone will be going into the weekend with an extra £1 million at their disposal. 

Someone who is already going into the weekend with something to celebrate is the winner of the midweek Lotto jackpot. The Lotto results for Wednesday 29 April were 03, 04, 25, 27, 42 and 45, with number 07 appearing as the Bonus Ball, and one ticket was able to match all six main numbers required to win the top prize outright. The Wednesday Lotto jackpot was worth £2,022,735, so a massive well done to the lucky winner concerned.

There were two tickets that matched five of the main numbers as well as the Bonus Ball number to secure a second tier prize worth £80,726 each. Another 129 tickets won £1,062 each by matching five main numbers only, and more than 150,000 entries won smaller prizes at the lower levels. The Lotto Raffle game awarded a prize of £20,000 to each of 50 Lotto participants, and the next Lotto game this Saturday 2 May will now offer another new jackpot worth an estimated £4 million.

The prospect of winning around £4 million is exciting, but the prospect of winning around £17 million is even more so, and that gives the Friday EuroMillions game all the gravity it needs to dominate our immediate attention. For EuroMillions fans who want to use the lottery statistics to help them choose their selections, the most overdue main numbers right now are 16, 01, 07, 41 and 15, whilst the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 06 and 04. As far as the most common numbers are concerned, the main numbers to consider are 50, 04, 44, 38 and 25, and the most common Lucky Stars are 03 and 05.

Bank Holiday weekends are always fun for those who get an extra day off from work, but for those who will win themselves the financial wherewithal to quit their day job altogether, the good feelings will be on a completely different scale. Head this way to buy your lottery tickets online and if you don’t win the EuroMillions jackpot of £17 million on Friday you could still land the £4 million Lotto jackpot on Saturday. Good luck and have a great weekend!

Published: Thursday 30th April 2015

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