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EuroMillions Results for Friday 3rd June, 2016

EuroMillions Results for Friday 3rd June, 2016

EuroMillions fans were hoping to see a sequence of six consecutive jackpot rollovers come to an end last night, but none of the tickets entered for the game proved able to match all seven of the numbers drawn, so no player won the £50.61 million that was up for grabs. The good news is that more than 2.63 million tickets won consolation prizes, and over 633,000 of those winning tickets had been purchased right here in the UK.

The EuroMillions results for Friday 3rd June were 07, 23, 31, 33 and 39, and the Lucky Star numbers were 06 and 10. There were six tickets that matched all five main numbers plus one of the Lucky Stars, and all of those tickets had been purchased outside the UK, giving each one a second tier prize worth €260,823. 

A third tier prize of £25,105 went to each of 15 tickets that matched the five main numbers only, and we are delighted to confirm that 5 of those tickets had been purchased by UK players. There were 70 tickets that won a fourth tier prize of £2,689 each by matching four main numbers as well as both of the Lucky Stars, and all other winning tickets won smaller prizes by matching fewer numbers. 

As usual, one UK player won a prize of £1 million in the Millionaire Maker game, and the winning code on Friday was HMS533469. 

The next EuroMillions game on Tuesday 7th June will offer a jackpot worth an estimated £56 million, but before we get to that, there is a quadruple rollover jackpot of around £15 million to play for in tonight’s Lotto game. In addition, the associated Lotto Raffle game this evening will create 20 winners of £20,000 each, and one player is guaranteed to become a millionaire by winning £1 million in the Lotto Millionaire Raffle game.

Congratulations to everyone who won a EuroMillions prize last night, and good luck to those of you who will be participating in tonight’s Lotto game. Download one of our free lottery apps if you would like to check the results on your mobile device just as soon as the draw has taken place, and remember to let us know if you win big!

Published: Saturday 4th June 2016

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