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EuroMillions Record Breaker

EuroMillions Record Breaker
Updated: Friday 17th June 2016

A EuroMillions record breaker could be in the making as the jackpot soars. After six rollovers, the jackpot for the coming draw on Friday 5 September, 2008, will be worth around £92,000,000 (€114,000,000).

This is less than €2 million shy of the €115.6 million that was won on 31 July 2005 by Delores McNamara of Ireland – the biggest win ever by a single ticket-holder. However, because of the changes in the strength of the pound to the euro, the looming £92,000,000 jackpot is actually bigger than the £77,000,000 that Delores won.

The biggest EuroMillions jackpot ever was worth €183,000,000, and that amount has been reached on two occasions. The first time around it was shared by three jackpot winners and the second time it was rolled down and shared between 20 players who managed to match five main numbers and just one of the two Lucky Star numbers.

It is fair to say that the £92,000,000 jackpot will be on the minds of many people this week. Even those who only play EuroMillions on an infrequent basis will be keen to buy their tickets so that they don’t miss their chance to win what is, after all, an incredible amount of money.

Although a single jackpot winner wouldn’t beat Delores’ record in terms of Euros, they would obliterate it in Sterling. They would also have a bigger bank account than novelist Jackie Collins, actor Sir Sean Connery and guitarist Brian May, according to figures published in the Sunday Time Rich List 2008.

Quite what a single EuroMillions jackpot winner would do with all of that cash if the EuroMillions results go their way is something we would have to find out in due course. But it could be that the jackpot will be won by several players. Even if ten people managed to match all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars, each would win £9.2 million, which is still a nice return on the £1.50 it costs to play the game in the first place.

Of course, one more possibility is that nobody will win this week and that the EuroMillions jackpot will roll over for a seventh time, creating an even bigger top prize for the following draw. We’ve go our fingers crossed that someone will win this Friday, but how influential our lucky fingers will be remains to be seen. See How to play EuroMillions if you haven't participated before. If you’re planning on buying yourself a ticket, do so early to beat the queues and good luck!

Published: Monday 1st September 2008

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