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Euromillions Produces One Jackpot Winner

Euromillions Produces One Jackpot Winner
Updated: Tuesday 6th September 2011

Half of the fun of playing the Euromillions lottery is planning how you would spend your winnings; in our office we often have a discussion about how we would distribute our new found wealth but for someone in Europe this is no longer a dream as last night’s draw, draw number 402 for the Euromillions produced one jackpot winner. For most of us it means another few days of planning how we would spend a big win but for this lucky winner the dream is a reality!

This means that the Euromillions draw number 403 for Tuesday 2nd August has an estimated jackpot of £13 million, still a life changing amount for anyone who picks the right numbers. Talking of which, how do you pick your numbers? Are you like many other players who use birth dates, house numbers and important dates on the calendar or do you prefer to pick your numbers at random? If you are of the latter persuasion then why not try our Euromillions random number generator; it’s free and can generate up to ten sets of numbers at time! We don’t guaranteed that the numbers generated are winners but we do guarantee that they are random.

If you want to see all of the Euromillions results click here; you’’ll find the number of winners for each prize tier and the amount of money each player has won. If it isn’t you this time what exactly do you plan on spending your winnings on if your numbers do come out on Tuesday?

And remember, there is still a few million to be won on tonight’s Lotto draw so all is not lost.

Written by Diana Nubuck

Published: Saturday 30th July 2011

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