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EuroMillions Players in Seventh Heaven

EuroMillions Players in Seventh Heaven
Updated: Wednesday 23rd April 2014

EuroMillions players in the UK are in ‘seventh heaven’ right now thanks to the prospect of one of them winning a £77 million jackpot in the draw this evening (Friday 26 August). It has been seven draws since the last jackpot win, so maybe today will prove to be luckier than the previous ones, and it could be that someone reading these words is just a few hours away from having more wealth than they ever thought possible. Of course, the chances of winning the jackpot are pretty slim, but others have done it, so why not you?

The great thing about EuroMillions is that even if the jackpot itself escapes your grasp you could still win yourself a decent prize. The odds of any single entry winning a EuroMillions prize are an impressive 1 in 13, and we dare say that more than a couple of players will be buying themselves multiple entries for tonight to try and increase their chances even further.

Our Lottery Statistics pages are always popular, but when the jackpot in a game is more sizeable than normal it seems that even more players than usual like to see which numbers are most commonly drawn and which numbers haven’t cropped up for a while. Those ‘most overdue’ numbers don’t have any greater chance of appearing than any others, but including one or more overdue numbers certainly doesn’t hamper your chances of winning a prize and it adds an additional element of interaction to the proceedings. That said, the most overdue main numbers for the EuroMillions game right now are 43, 02, 09, 21 and 41, and the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 09 and 06.

Just imagine – this time tomorrow you could be getting to grips with the fact that you are the latest EuroMillionaire and the proud owner of a seven-figure bank balance. All that stands between you and the realisation of that dream of ‘seventh heaven’ are seven numbers. Will today be the day when you repeat the success of other players and win yourself a EuroMillions fortune? You’ll just have to buy yourself some lottery tickets and find out!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Friday 26th August 2011

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