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EuroMillions Mayhem Warning

EuroMillions Mayhem Warning
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

Unless you have been living on another planet for the last few days you will already know that the EuroMillions jackpot in the draw this evening (Tuesday 12 July) will be worth a staggering £166 million, which is as high as the jackpot can go under current rules. What you may not know is that an alarming number of people always leave buying their tickets until the day of the draw no matter how large the jackpot is, and that means we can expect retail outlets to be packed to bursting with customers as the day progresses. It also means online lottery ticket sales will soar too.

If everything goes smoothly then the worst thing about today will be the queues in the offline outlets, but if any glitches arise between now and the deadline for ticket sales… well, it doesn’t take a genius to predict that mayhem could ensue. And unfortunately, glitches often tend to occur at the most inconvenient moments.

Although lottery terminals are usually very reliable, they can and do go wrong from time to time, and even if individual machines work well, the communication network that they use to exchange information can sometimes go down. Consider those facts in light of the extra demand that will be placed on both the terminals and the network connecting them today and you get the makings of a ‘nightmare scenario’ in which hundreds of thousands of players across the country are suddenly unable to buy any tickets for tonight’s draw.

Some people would simply shrug at this kind of situation and go home, but many would vent their anger at the situation instead. Verbal abuse would be hurled at innocent lottery retailers and lottery players could well turn against each other in the heat of the moment. We don’t think that a lottery terminal glitch would lead to an actual state of anarchy in the UK, but we wouldn’t like to be stuck in a lottery retail queue at 6pm today just in case!

Fortunately, everyone reading this can minimise their chances of being affected by any such EuroMillions mayhem by purchasing tickets online and by doing so as early as possible, which means right now – this very minute. Online glitches are less common than offline ones (because there is far less physical machinery which can break down) but the internet can and does have problems from time to time, so securing your tickets as soon as possible is only sensible.

Click here to buy your lottery tickets online now and good luck in the £166 million EuroMillions draw this evening!

Written by Diana Nubuck

Published: Tuesday 12th July 2011

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