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EuroMillions Lottery Jackpot Snowballs

EuroMillions Lottery Jackpot Snowballs
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

The EuroMillions lottery jackpot is snowballing at a rapid rate after rolling over for the third time in a row on Tuesday 13 December. A snowballing jackpot is perfectly appropriate when you consider how wintry the weather has become over the last week or so in the UK, but players will be hoping that the EuroMillions lottery pays out the top prize soon so that the lucky winner(s) can start spending their winnings before the Christmas holidays begin at the end of next week. The triple rollover jackpot this Friday 16 December will be worth around £38 million.

The EuroMillions results for Tuesday 13 December were 07, 12, 18, 33 and 37, and the Lucky Star numbers were 01 and 11. Three tickets (unfortunately none of them purchased in the UK) matched all five main numbers and one Lucky Star to win a second-tier prize of €372,197 each. Another eight tickets (two bought by UK players) matched the five main numbers only to win £31,247 each. 

28 tickets each won a fourth-tier prize of £4,463 after matching four main numbers and both Lucky Stars, and more than 1.97 million other tickets won smaller prizes of up to £144 each by matching fewer numbers. The winning Millionaire Raffle number on Tuesday was BWY129903, so the EuroMillions ticket that bears that number is now worth a cool £1 million.

Because the EuroMillions jackpot this Friday will be worth around £38 million, ticket sales figures (and the total number of prizes won) are almost certain to be higher than they were for the game last Tuesday. For those of you who want to include one or more ‘overdue numbers’ among your selections, the main numbers to consider are 03, 13, 10, 49 and 08, whilst the Lucky Stars that are most overdue right now are 06 and 10. Further information can be found on our EuroMillions Statistics page.

Of course, before we get to the next EuroMillions game this Friday we have the midweek Lotto game to enjoy. The jackpot for the Lotto game on Wednesday 14 December is expected to be worth around £2.2 million. Buy your lottery tickets online today for both games and good luck in winning yourself a life-changing prize!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Wednesday 14th December 2011

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