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EuroMillions Double Rollover Delight!

EuroMillions Double Rollover Delight!

EuroMillions players are in for a treat this Tuesday 8 September because the popular pan-European lottery game will offer a double rollover jackpot with an advertised estimated value of £22 million. This is the first double rollover jackpot that has been up for grabs since August, when a single ticket won the equivalent of £22.29 million. The winning ticket on that occasion had been purchased in Austria, so UK players will be particularly keen to land the current double rollover jackpot on these shores.

The EuroMillions results on Friday 4 September were 08, 09, 27, 45 and 50, with the numbers 08 and 10 appearing as the Lucky Stars. If some of those numbers look familiar then that is probably because three of them – the main numbers 27 and 45, as well as the Lucky Star number 08 – had all been drawn in the previous game on Tuesday 1 September. It could also be because the main number 50 and the Lucky Star number 08 had been highlighted as being amongst the most common in our news item last Thursday.

Despite the repetition of several numbers, no player was able to match all five main numbers as well as both of the Lucky Stars, which is obviously why we have the double rollover jackpot to look forward to this Tuesday. Three tickets – one of which had been purchased in the UK – won a second tier prize worth £354,397 each by matching all five main numbers and one Lucky Star, and another nine tickets matched five main numbers only to win £39,388 each.

The fourth tier saw 45 tickets win £3,938 each by matching four main numbers as well as both of the Lucky Star numbers, and there were over 2.25 million prizes awarded in total. Players in this country collectively won a total of more than £3.51 million, and another £1 million prize was landed by the UK player who matched the Millionaire Maker code, which was PJH105083.

Well done to everyone who won a prize of any kind in the EuroMillions game last Friday, and we hope that we will get to see players being even more successful in the coming game this Tuesday. The most overdue main numbers right now are 13, 25, 26, 17 and 38, and the most overdue Lucky Stars are 11 and 03, so do look out for those and good luck with the double rollover jackpot!

Published: Monday 7th September 2015

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