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EuroMillions to Smash Milestone!

EuroMillions to Smash Milestone!
Updated: Monday 16th November 2015

The EuroMillions jackpot looks set to smash through the £100,000,000 milestone this week after rolling over for the ninth draw in a row. Lottery players in the UK now have the opportunity to win themselves an estimated £101,000,000 in the next game on Tuesday 17 November, and one player is certain to win a prize of £1,000,000 in the Millionaire Maker game even if the EuroMillions jackpot rolls over yet again. Excitement levels among fans of the game are at fever pitch, and prospective participants are being urged to avoid a potential last-minute stampede by purchasing their tickets as soon as possible.

The EuroMillions results on Friday 13 November were 10, 17, 18, 33 and 40, with the numbers 02 and 08 being drawn as the Lucky Stars. We have already established that the jackpot (which was worth £92.4 million) rolled over, but the good news is that five tickets – two of which had been purchased here in the UK – won a second tier prize of £441,327 each by matching the five main numbers as well as one of the Lucky Star numbers.

A third tier prize of £40,863 went to each of 18 tickets that matched the five main numbers only, and another 165 tickets matched four main numbers plus both of the Lucky Star numbers to win £2,228 each. There were more than 4.86 million prizes won in total, and UK players collectively landed over £6.47 million in prize money. In addition, another £1 million was won in the Millionaire Maker game, where the winning code was NQN563801.

None of the most overdue numbers were drawn in the Friday night game, so the main numbers to look out for continue to be 24, 41, 05, 02 and 04, and the numbers 05 and 01 are the most overdue Lucky Stars. The most common main numbers are 50, 44, 04, 19 and 38, and the most common Lucky Stars are 08 and 03. For players who would like to enter one or more completely random selections for the £101 million game this Tuesday, feel free to use our EuroMillions Number Generator.

Will the nine-figure jackpot roll over once again this Tuesday, or will someone – perhaps even someone reading these words – match the seven numbers that are required to win it? Keep an eye on our EuroMillions Results page and you’ll soon find out! Enjoy the game and good luck with your numbers!

Published: Monday 16th November 2015

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