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EuroMillions Jackpot Rolls Again!

EuroMillions Jackpot Rolls Again!

The EuroMillions jackpot rolled over for the second draw in a row on Friday, and that sets things up for a very nice double rollover jackpot game on Tuesday 8 March. The previous jackpot had a final value of just over £19.4 million, and the numbers that scuppered the plans of top-prize hunters on Friday 4 March were 09, 14, 16, 23 and 40, along with the Lucky Star numbers 01 and 05. The jackpot in the next game is expected to be worth around £24 million.

Four tickets matched all five main numbers plus one of the Lucky Stars to win £277,165 at the second tier, and we are delighted to report that one of those tickets had been purchased in the UK. The third tier saw three tickets match the five main numbers only to win €168,448 each, and we quote that figure in euros because none of those particular winning entries had been purchased in this country.

There were 70 tickets that matched four main numbers and both Lucky Stars to win £2,639 each, and all other winning tickets – of which there were more than 2.58 million – landed smaller prizes by matching fewer numbers. One ticket purchased in the UK did better than any of the other tickets mentioned thus far, and that was by matching the Millionaire Maker code BDM196361 to win a cool £1 million.

With the first two EuroMillions draws of March having resulted in jackpot rollovers, fans of the game will be hoping to make it third time lucky this Tuesday. The most overdue main numbers to watch out for in that game are 34, 45, 17, 11 and 08, and the most overdue Lucky Stars are 07 and 08. For those who would prefer to keep an eye on the numbers that appear most often, the most common main numbers right now are 50, 44, 04, 38 and 23, and the most common Lucky Stars are 08 and 03.

EuroMillions players in the UK had a great month in February, so perhaps the next game will see the beginning of another lucky run for Brits. Buy your tickets early to avoid any possible last-minute delays, help yourself to one of our free lottery apps to check the results on your mobile and good luck!

Published: Monday 7th March 2016

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