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EuroMillions Jackpot Continues to Soar

EuroMillions Jackpot Continues to Soar

As the nation waits with bated breath to find out whether or not the midweek Lotto game will surrender its estimated £50.4 million jackpot on Wednesday, lottery players across Europe are watching the EuroMillions jackpot soar to comparable heights. The top prize rolled over for the fourth draw in a row on Friday, which means that the next game this Tuesday will offer a jackpot worth £36.3 million. That would be a great sum to win at any time of year, but landing it just a couple of days into 2016 would be particularly special.

The EuroMillions results which eluded players on Friday 1 January were 04, 37, 38, 39 and 44, along with the Lucky Star numbers 04 and 07. Whilst no ticket was able to match all seven of those numbers, six tickets did succeed in matching the five main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars to land a second tier prize worth £183,740 each. One of those tickets had been purchased in the UK, so congratulations to the lucky player concerned.

A third tier prize worth £36,748 went to each of 10 tickets that matched five main numbers only, and another 51 tickets won £3,602 each by matching four main numbers and both of the Lucky Stars. There were more than 2.17 million prizes won in total, and UK tickets collectively won more than £3.9 million. As if that wasn’t enough for players to celebrate, one ticket won its owner a prize of £1 million by matching the Millionaire Maker code, which was FWT985411.

EuroMillions players who want to keep an eye on the most overdue lottery numbers in the next game should be on the lookout for the main numbers 24, 01, 42, 47 and 28, as well as the Lucky Star numbers 02 and 08. Our EuroMillions Statistics page also tells us that the most common numbers at the time of writing are 50, 44, 04, 38 and 19, along with the Lucky Star numbers 08 and 03. Whether or not any of those numbers help someone to win the £36.3 million jackpot this Tuesday is something that we will just have to wait until after the draw to find out.

Demand for lottery tickets this week is likely to be higher than ever, so whether you want to play EuroMillions, Lotto, or both of those games, buy your entries early to secure your chances of winning big and good luck!

Published: Monday 4th January 2016

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