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EuroMillions Jackpot Appeals to All

EuroMillions Jackpot Appeals to All
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

It seems that almost everyone we meet is buying lottery tickets for the EuroMillions game lately – even people who used to avoid lottery games completely. We have asked many of these new players to explain why they are getting involved now and the answer in all cases has been the sheer size of the jackpot on offer. After twelve rollovers in a row the EuroMillions jackpot for the game tonight (Tuesday 5 July) stands at around £154 million, which is more money than most people would see in fifty lifetimes. But do such large jackpots unfairly skew our attitudes to the €15 million jackpot which is regularly available?

There is no doubt that a standard EuroMillions jackpot of €15 million is a great deal of money, and nobody who seriously considers the impact that winning such a sum would have on their lives could fail to be impressed by it. €15 million would enable the lottery winner to buy several new homes in whatever locations they wanted, a garage full of cars, a permanent vacation from the workaday world and a life of luxury. So why don’t people get as excited about the prospect of winning €15 million as they do about the prospect of winning five or even ten times that amount?

Some would say that people are just greedy, but we don’t think that is the case. A more likely explanation is that few people ever really sit down to think about the implications of winning a EuroMillions jackpot until the jackpot is deemed by the general media to be large enough to make headlines. People then see a EuroMillions jackpot of (say) £154 million advertised in newspapers and on television and for a little while they allow themselves to imagine how such a sum would change their lives. As a result, they naturally decide that the chance of winning such a life-changing sum makes it well worth the cost of buying a lottery ticket. Of course, if they had considered the impact that a regular €15 million win would have on their lives the chances are good that they would reach the very same conclusion.

We wish everyone who buys lottery tickets online the very best of luck in winning the £154 million EuroMillions jackpot tonight, but if you don’t succeed in landing a nine-figure sum then don’t think that playing for a regular €15 million jackpot is in any way a poor alternative. The fact is that winning any EuroMillions jackpot is an event that would change your life forever, so enjoy the excitement of regular participation in Europe’s biggest lottery game and good luck!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Tuesday 5th July 2011

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