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EuroMillions for Russian Syndicate?

EuroMillions for Russian Syndicate?
Updated: Monday 11th June 2018

Rollover jackpots always attract more attention than usual, and sometimes from the kind of people you would never expect. That is why we can’t completely dismiss a rumour that was brought to our attention by email last weekend. The sender had heard that a Russian syndicate was planning on buying one million EuroMillions tickets in an effort to land the £166 million (€185 million) jackpot that is now available after 14 consecutive rollovers. Naturally, the person who contacted us wanted to know if we could confirm the situation one way or the other.

Unfortunately, the short answer is that we cannot shed any light on this particular rumour. It is certainly possible that a syndicate of players from any country could make plans to buy a million tickets in the hope of making a multi-million pound profit, but the problems posed by such an undertaking – as well as the fact that success would be by no means guaranteed – would make such an approach irrational even if it turned out to be true.

Let us consider the practical problems of buying a million tickets to start with. Whilst buying lottery tickets online is infinitely easier than buying them offline and no manual completion of play slips is required, entering 1,000,000 combinations of numbers would still take quite some time. Although Lucky Dip entries could be used, that wouldn’t enable a syndicate to know exactly which numbers had been played unless they spent just as much time going through each ticket after purchase. Of course, if the syndicate was large enough then buying tickets would be a task that could be shared by scores or even hundreds of members, but it wouldn’t be a walk in the park by any means.

Even if a Russian syndicate surmounted the problems outlined a moment ago and purchased one million tickets for a particular EuroMillions draw, there would still be no guarantee that one of those tickets would win the jackpot. With each line of numbers having a 1 in 116 million chance of winning the top prize, entering 1,000,000 lines would improve those odds to around 1 in 116, so a fair amount of luck would still be required to win. And if a syndicate ticket did win the jackpot, additional winning tickets entered by other players would reduce the profits made quite considerably.

So no, we cannot confirm whether or not a Russian syndicate is planning to buy a million tickets for any EuroMillions lottery draw, but we would be quite surprised if that were the case. Of course, a syndicate of players buying a millions tickets wouldn’t affect anyone’s chances any more than a million other players buying a single ticket each – something that happens in every draw – so even if it were true it wouldn’t be anything to worry about.

Whether you buy yourself a single ticket or you happen to have your own cunning plan to increase your odds of winning the £166 million EuroMillions jackpot this Tuesday 12 July, be sure to play EuroMillions online to ensure the safety of your entries and good luck!

Written by Diana Nubuck

Published: Monday 11th July 2011

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