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EuroMillions Double Rollover!

EuroMillions Double Rollover!
Updated: Friday 10th October 2014

A EuroMillions double rollover will give National Lottery players the chance to win a jackpot worth around £38 million this Friday 23 April. That’s more than three times the amount offered by a regular EuroMillions jackpot, and many players will choose to buy more tickets to increase their own chances of winning it. The £38 million jackpot means that even if there are several winners the prize would still be well worth winning. For example, if as many as four players were to win the jackpot they would each get a share worth £9.5 million, and that would be more than enough to give the winners the kind of financial independence that all lottery players dream of.

The lottery results for the last EuroMillions draw on Friday 16 April were 09, 11, 17, 26 and 40, and the Lucky Stars were 03 and 09. Ten players matched the five main numbers and one Lucky Star to win €321,166 each, but none of these winners had purchased their tickets in the UK. 20 players, including at least one in the UK, matched five main numbers but neither Lucky Star number to win £28,398 each.

Now that there is a £38 million jackpot to play for in the next EuroMillions game, demand for tickets will soar quite dramatically. As always, our advice is to buy lottery tickets online to beat the rush in the shops. And obviously, players in the UK get one chance to win a £1,000,000 Millionaire Raffle prize with every ticket purchased.

As far as the UK Lotto game is concerned, the results on Saturday 17 April were 03, 10, 29, 31, 36 and 44, and the Bonus Ball was 45. One ticket matched all six of the main numbers to win the jackpot outright and become £4,460,495 richer. If the owner of that ticket is already aware of their success then it is highly likely that the shock of their win is still sinking in, but our guess is that their thoughts will soon turn to drawing up a suitably extravagant shopping list!

The Lotto jackpot for the next draw this Wednesday 21 April will now be worth around £2.4 million. By all means have a stab at winning yourself that midweek jackpot, but don’t forget to go for the much bigger EuroMillions jackpot on Friday as well – it just might make you £38 million richer!

Published: Monday 19th April 2010

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