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EuroMillions Birthday Mega Jackpot

EuroMillions Birthday Mega Jackpot
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

EuroMillions lottery organisers have announced that there will be a special Mega Jackpot game on Friday 5 February, 2010, and that the jackpot itself will be worth £85 million. The first ever EuroMillions draw took place on Friday 13 February, 2004, so it looks like this Mega Jackpot is something of a birthday celebration, and with £85 million up for grabs it is one that no self-respecting lottery player will want to miss. Buy yourself a few extra tickets to mark the occasion and you’ll automatically be giving yourself more chance of winning the Millionaire Raffle game too!

£85 million is a lot of money. We all know that in our heads, but actually allowing the vast sum available to sink into our consciousness can be a tad more difficult. Think about it this way: if you were to win the jackpot and spend £150,000 per day (that’s just over £1 million every week), you would have spent around £54.75 million after a whole year. That would still leave you with £30.25 million in the bank, not to mention all of the interest that the unspent portion of your jackpot would have earned in the meantime.

Now we aren’t shy about shopping, but we think that even we would have trouble spending £1 million each and every week. Yes, we’d have a ball for a month or two, with new homes, cars and holidays on our shopping list, but eventually we’d run out of ideas. Imagine having so much money that you can’t think how to spend it and you’ll be pretty close to understanding the situation that an £85 million jackpot lottery winner might experience after matching those five main numbers and two Lucky Stars!

Of course, as far as problems in life are concerned, the ‘problem’ of not knowing how to spend an £85 million EuroMillions jackpot has to be one of the best around, so we will definitely be having a go at winning. If you fancy doing the same then we advise you to buy your tickets early, as there is sure to be a mad rush for them as we get closer to the Mega Jackpot draw.

The good news for online National Lottery players is that you can completely avoid the offline frenzy and take care of everything from the comfort of your own home.

Whilst everyone will obviously be looking forward to the £85 Mega Jackpot on Friday 5 February, don’t forget that you still have a £25 million jackpot to play for this Friday 29 January. Buy lottery tickets online today and you could enter the same numbers for both draws at the same time! Good luck!

Published: Thursday 28th January 2010

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