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Eight Tickets Win Lotto Jackpot

Eight Tickets Win Lotto Jackpot
Updated: Thursday 24th April 2014

Eight tickets matched the six main numbers required to win the Lotto jackpot on Wednesday 25 November. The lottery results were 03, 06, 11, 17, 23, 29 and the bonus ball was 44. The fact that the main numbers were all under 31 meant that anyone who chooses their entries based on days of the month had a better than usual chance of winning a prize, and this was demonstrated by the £6.8 million jackpot having to be shared between eight winning tickets, each of which is now worth £850,513.

We suspect that the winners will have a bitter-sweet view of the draw that won them the lottery jackpot. On the one hand they will probably be disappointed that they will only receive an £850,513 prize after beating odds of 1 in 13,983,816. On the other hand, a prize of £850,513 is a lot better than not winning at all, especially when it comes less than 30 days before Christmas.

For those who didn’t win the Lotto jackpot, the eight-way split is a good reminder of why you should avoid basing all of your lottery numbers on days of the month. Yes, your numbers would have just as much chance of coming up as any others, but if they did come up then the chances are that you would have to share your jackpot prize with at least one or two other players who are doing the same thing. We have said this before, but clearly there are plenty of people who like to play numbers at the lower end of the 1-49 range.

The good news for the eight lottery winners is that £850,513 is still a substantial amount of money. If invested to earn 5% interest per year, it would generate more than £42,000 annually, which is a fairly good salary that could make it possible for working hours to be reduced. In fact, if someone invested the cash and left it alone for a few years they would soon enjoy the millionaire status that so many people dream of. Or, if a winner would prefer to spend their cash, it could buy them a nice home, a couple of cars and still leave plenty left over for a few bumper holidays.

Of course, the winners might decide to reinvest some of their prize money and buy lottery tickets online to try and win an even bigger jackpot. If so, there is £13 million up for grabs in the EuroMillions game this Friday 27 November, and around £4.5 million in the Lotto game on Saturday 28 November.

Published: Thursday 26th November 2009

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