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Dream Number Nears End

Dream Number Nears End
Updated: Thursday 24th April 2014

Some time ago we brought you news that the Dream Number lottery game was to end, and the final game will take place in just over a week, on Wednesday 9 February. Seasoned lottery players will already know that Dream Number entries are available only to those who play the main Lotto game, so this means there are just three more opportunities to play Dream Number before it disappears forever. If you want to make the most of them you will therefore need to play the Lotto game on Wednesday 2, Saturday 5 and Wednesday 9 February.

Dream Number is one of the few National Lottery games which assigns a randomly-generated entry to the player rather than allowing the player to choose their own numbers. It is also fairly unique in that it requires the player to match each digit of the assigned number in the exact order for prizes to be won. The more digits matched in order, the bigger the prize, with the top prize for matching all seven digits in order being £500,000.

Although Dream Number does have its fans, it has to be said that the game was never as popular as the Lotto itself. There could be several reasons for this – maybe players disliked having to match the digits of their entry in order, or perhaps they didn’t like having their entry assigned automatically. Whatever the reason, the fact that the Dream Number game will soon be no more will no doubt lead to a short-lived surge in popularity as players give it a few final chances to win them some cash.

As far as its most enthusiastic fans are concerned, the end of the Dream Number game will of course be disappointing, but every cloud has a silver lining and the good news for all lottery players is that we will soon have a brand new Lotto Plus 5 game to embrace.

Of course, no Dream Number player will be disappointed if they manage to win a big prize in one of the final three games, so click here to buy lottery tickets online and get involved. As well as having a £500,000 jackpot to play for each of the Dream Number draws you could win even more n the main Lotto games, starting with a £2.4 million jackpot this Wednesday 2 February. Have fun and good luck!

Published: Tuesday 1st February 2011

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