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Double Win for Lottery Player

Double Win for Lottery Player
Updated: Tuesday 8th April 2014

A lottery player from Liverpool is celebrating after landing two prizes in the Lotto game on Saturday 16 November. Brian McTigue, who is 66, enters three lines of numbers in every draw, and has done so since the game was launched in 1994. He checked the first of his tickets the day after the draw and discovered that it had won him a modest consolation prize, but it was only later that he found out he had also landed himself a half share of the Lotto jackpot itself, which was worth £5,701,968!

‘I checked my first ticket on the television and I was delighted to discover I had matched three numbers and won £25,’ Brian explained. ‘I went off to cook Sunday dinner so it was a couple of hours later when I went back into the living room and the TV was still on, that I remembered I hadn’t checked the other two tickets.’

Brian rectified that mistake without any further delay, and that’s when he realised that the six main numbers 03, 19, 21, 30, 41 and 47 had all been caught by his second entry. ‘I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing,’ he said. ‘It was just an amazing feeling that I could have won the Lotto Jackpot. I checked, checked and checked again that what I was seeing really was true. I then screamed and burst into tears – it was a whole mix of emotions.

‘I still cannot believe that this huge amount of money is really mine,’ he continued. ‘It just doesn’t seem real. I feel numb. I need to let it all sink in and then I can start thinking about what I will spend the money on.’

Having been raised in Liverpool, Brian has no intention of going elsewhere on a permanent basis, but he does intend to travel. One of his plans is to take a first-class trip to Thailand. He will also use some of his jackpot cash to pay for an extension that he is currently having built on his home, and to buy a second property in the city.

As for his commitment to playing lottery games, Brian is adamant that nothing will change. ‘I will continue to play twice a week and I will also play EuroMillions too,’ he said. ‘You always think winning the lottery is something which happens to other people – and I still can’t believe it has happened to me.’

Congratulations to Brian from all of us here at Lottery.co.uk and good luck to those who will be having a go at winning a jackpot in the lottery games coming up in the next day or two. Click here to enter your numbers online and be sure to let us know if you win big!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Thursday 21st November 2013

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