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Double Rollover Winners Go Public

Double Rollover Winners Go Public
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

A couple from Cheadle Heath in Greater Manchester who won the Lotto double rollover jackpot on Wednesday 4 August have gone public, and we can tell you that the lucky winners were Peter and Jacqueline Redikin. The couple have been playing the Lotto game ever since it first began, and have always played the same two lines from the very beginning. One of the lines played by the couple consists of the numbers 14, 17, 22, 24, 38 and 43, so when those exact same number were drawn on Wednesday, the couple landed the monster jackpot that all lottery players dream of.

The couple didn’t watch the Lotto draw live, so Peter had to check the lottery results later. “I’d just dropped Jacqueline off at work and decided to check the numbers on the TV,” he explained. “At first I thought we had won a tenner, but then I quickly realised we had matched all six on Jacqueline’s line!

“I was shaking like a leaf but managed to call Jacqueline at work. She couldn’t understand me because I couldn’t get my words out and she kept telling me to calm down. When I told her we’d won the jackpot she wouldn’t believe me and thought I must be wrong!”

Like most lottery winners, Jacqueline insisted on double-checking the results before she was prepared to accept that their success was genuine. She asked Peter to visit a newsagent and check the ticket. He did just that and the verdict was as clear as could be – the ticket was a winner and its owner needed to call the lottery organiser personally to make the claim!

“I raced home and called Jacqueline again to confirm that I was right and we had won,” Peter continued. “She said she was coming straight home and I didn’t know what to do – I just paced up and down the garden waiting for her to get back.”

Peter and Jacqueline have two adult sons and they were obviously keen to share their good news with the family. Predictably, the other family members were as delighted with the news of the win as the couple were themselves, and now Peter and Jacqueline are thinking about how to start spending some of their fortune.

“We are going to treat the family and I want to upgrade my Seat Toledo – I’ve always wanted a brand new car and have never had the chance to get one,” Peter said. “We are still both in shock and it is too early to start to plan anything else, although a nice family holiday sounds good too. Jacqueline wants another trip on the Orient Express just like we had when she reached 40.”

We congratulate Peter and Jacqueline and we wish everyone who intends to buy lottery tickets online the best of luck in winning themselves a jackpot this week. There is a jackpot of £2.4 million to play for in the Lotto game this Wednesday 11 August and a £12 million jackpot is up for grabs in the EuroMillions game on Friday, so buy your tickets today and you could be celebrating before you know it!

Published: Tuesday 10th August 2010

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