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Double Rollover Jackpot Success

Double Rollover Jackpot Success

One ticket landed the double rollover jackpot in the Saturday night Lotto game, giving the lucky player concerned the life-changing sum of £7,775,405. This is the first double rollover jackpot that has been landed since 12th April, when two tickets shared the top prize, and the fact that the jackpot was won by a single ticket on this occasion makes the event even more significant. The Lotto results that made it happen on Saturday 23 August were 01, 07, 11, 38, 41 and 42, with the number 45 appearing as the Bonus Ball.

There were more than 328,000 consolation prizes won in addition to the jackpot itself, and the biggest of those were found at the second tier, where two tickets matched five main numbers as well as the Bonus Ball number to win £170,916 each. There were 334 tickets that won £868 each at the third tier by matching five main numbers only, and another 17,318 tickets matched four main numbers to win their owners £88 each. The smallest prize of £25 went to each of 311,061 tickets that matched three main numbers, and the Lotto Raffle game created 150 winners of £20,000 each.

The Health Lottery results on Saturday night were 18, 23, 24, 28 and 43, and the Bonus Ball number was 16. There was one ticket that matched all five of the main numbers drawn, and that achievement was worth the top prize of £100,000 to the fortunate owner. More than 9,000 consolation prizes of up to £10,000 were landed at the lower levels.

All of the above took place just one day after the EuroMillions jackpot rolled over, setting things up for an estimated £17 million game on Tuesday 26 August. The EuroMillions results on Friday 22 August were 04, 17, 29, 35 and 49, and the Lucky Stars were 01 and 02. Whilst the jackpot proved elusive, there were more than 2.08 million prizes landed, with five tickets matching all five main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars to win £192,324 each at the second tier.

The third tier saw 12 EuroMillions tickets match five main numbers only to win £26,711 each, whilst another 30 tickets won £5,342 each by matching four main numbers and both of the Lucky Stars. All other winning tickets landed smaller prizes at the lower levels, and the total amount of prize money won by UK participants was £2,891,393. In addition, a prize of £1,000,000 was landed by the UK player who matched the Millionaire Raffle number KQR178118.

Well done to everyone who won a lottery prize of any size over the last few days, and good luck to those of you who will be trying to win big in the week ahead. Click here to buy your lottery tickets online and if you don't manage to win £17 million in the EuroMillions game on Tuesday you could still win around £2.1 million in the Lotto game on Wednesday!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Monday 25th August 2014

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