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Lotto Double Rollover

Lotto Double Rollover
Updated: Friday 25th April 2014

Lotto double rollover draws prove that some of the best things in life come in pairs. A pair of aces at the poker table, dinner for two at a favourite restaurant, stereo sound, twin turbo engines and, most exciting of all, the two consecutive National Lottery rollovers that create a double rollover draw!

If winning a normal lottery jackpot is fantastic then winning a double rollover jackpot must be twice as nice, but it isn’t twice as difficult. The odds of winning the Lotto jackpot are always 1 in 13,983,816 regardless of how many times the jackpot has rolled over, so playing for a double rollover jackpot gives us a shot at winning a lot more cash without entertaining a bigger risk.

Double rollovers aren’t quite as tasty as triple rollovers, but the good thing about double rollover jackpots is that they come along a lot more frequently than triples. This means you can think about adopting a double rollover jackpot strategy and be confident of having quite a few opportunities to put that strategy to work.

What kind of strategies are we talking about? Well, double rollover jackpots give us a great excuse to buy more lottery tickets and thereby increase our chances of winning. Double rollover jackpots also make it well worth forming a lottery syndicate to that we can pool our lottery cash with friends in the hope of sharing the double rollover payout if any one of our tickets is lucky enough to catch the required lottery results.

Another great thing about double rollover jackpots is that if we have to share the prize with another winner, there will obviously be more money to go around. For example, if we had to share a normal jackpot of £5 million with one other winner, we would only get £2.5 million each. But if we shared a double rollover jackpot of £15 million with one other winner, we would each receive £7.5 million, and that’s a pretty big difference!

All of the above makes it clear that double rollover jackpots really are something special, and when a double rollover comes along we’d all be mad not to sit up and take notice. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a double rollover win in the near future!

Published: Monday 28th April 2008

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