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Doctor Who Buys Lottery Ticket

Doctor Who Buys Lottery Ticket
Updated: Friday 10th October 2014

If you were to give an experienced National Lottery player a time machine then it wouldn’t take long for them to find out what the lottery results were and then nip back in time to buy themselves a winning ticket. Popular BBC television character Doctor Who, of course, isn’t that selfish, so he waited until he was dying (for the tenth time, no less) to use his time travel powers in the same way, and even then he made sure that the ticket was bought only as a wedding day gift for one of his previous assistants, Donna Noble.

We’re referring, of course, to the final story starring David Tennant as the tenth Doctor, and which concluded with him regenerating into the eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith. This two-parter was shown during the Christmas and New Year break, and although all eyes were peeled for the all-important regeneration sequence, we were more impressed by the fact that the Doctor finally saw fit to put his time machine to good lottery-winning use.

Alright, we know it’s only fiction, but we’re betting that millions of lottery players were wishing for a time machine at the moment when Donna Noble received the ‘cheap gift’ of a lottery ticket, and then casually mentioned that there was a triple rollover jackpot up for grabs. She, of course, didn’t realise that the ticket was a guaranteed winner, but the viewers did. It’s just a shame that we may never see how she reacted when she watched her numbers come up…

Okay, back to reality. The EuroMillions draw on Friday 1 January once again eluded players everywhere, so we have a genuine double rollover jackpot of around £36 million to play for this Friday 8 January. The EuroMillions numbers were 09, 22, 24, 27 and 36, and the Lucky Stars were 05 and 07.

Although the jackpot wasn’t won, one UK EuroMillions player did manage to become a millionaire on New Year’s Day thanks to the Millionaire Raffle number SDV403955. Ten more EuroMillions players matched all five main numbers and one of the Lucky Star numbers to win £207,513 each.

As far as the Lotto draw on Saturday 2 January was concerned, the winning numbers were 26, 29, 30, 42, 43 and 47, and the Bonus Ball was number 18. Two tickets matched all six numbers to share the £5.16 million jackpot, so each winner now gets to enjoy 2010 with an extra £2.58 million in the bank. The jackpot has now been reset and so there is a jackpot of around £2.4 million to play for this Wednesday 06 January.

We hope that you all had a fantastic New Year and that you’re ready to buy lottery tickets online so that you have a chance of becoming the next millionaire winner of 2010. We can’t help you out with any time travel shenanigans, but we can wish you the best of luck, so… good luck!

Published: Monday 4th January 2010

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