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Derren Brown Lottery Prediction

Derren Brown Lottery Prediction
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

Derren Brown, the UK’s most popular illusionist and magician, will predict the result of a National Lottery draw live on television – and then reveal how he does it so that you can have a go at doing the same! The lottery stunt is the first in a series of four special Derren Brown ‘events’ that can be seen on Channel 4 this month, and the live lottery prediction will be broadcast at 10:35pm on Wednesday 9 September.

Now although we expect Derren to get the lottery results right, we don’t think that anyone will get rich from the broadcast. That’s because none of Derren’s incredible illusions are quite what they might appear at first glance, and we are looking forward to discovering what the twist is this time around.

It could be argued that hardly a month goes by without someone correctly predicting the national lottery results, but that is due to the law of large numbers – if enough people make a prediction then the odds are good that at least one of them will experience success. It is this law of large numbers that makes lottery games appeal to players in the first place, and we suspect that Derren might intend to make use of it to achieve his own successful prediction. Or maybe the Derren Brown lottery prediction will be a demonstration of advanced trickery and/or psychological manipulation. As you can tell, there are all sorts of theories flying about in the Lottery.co.uk HQ!

In promising to predict the lottery results in advance, Derren Brown has accomplished at least three things. First, he has captured the attention of the public and virtually guaranteed himself a massive number of viewers for his Channel 4 events. Second, he has revitalised interest in the National Lottery and that could well lead to bigger jackpots in the future as more people buy lottery tickets. And last, but not least, he has brought the topic of lottery prediction into general conversation. If the latter achievement helps to dispel superstition and encourages people to view the lottery in a more rational way then we applaud him.

Whatever happens, no lottery fan will want to miss Derren’s big prediction on Wednesday 9 September. You will also want to tune into the 9pm show on Friday 11 September to see how Derren did it. He is hoping to predict at least 5 of the 6 numbers correctly, so we’ll be watching the lottery results with keen interest.

Published: Tuesday 8th September 2009

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