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Cumbrian Lottery Jackpot

Cumbrian Lottery Jackpot
Updated: Friday 25th April 2014

A couple of National Lottery players in Cumbria matched all six main Lotto numbers to win the jackpot on Saturday 28 March, 2009. There were five jackpot-winners in all, but because it was a double rollover jackpot each winner received a share worth £2,783,114.

Graham Forrest tends to buy lottery tickets online, so he didn’t realise he had won until Monday Morning when he checked his emails. “I got the email saying I had exciting news and clicked through expecting £10,” Graham said. “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw £2.7m sat in my account. I called in a colleague to confirm what it said on the screen. To be honest I still didn’t believe it even when he checked it.”

Rather than calling his wife Fiona with the good news straight away, Graham decided to wait until the win had been confirmed by the lottery organisers. He only had to wait twenty minutes for the 9am opening of the lottery helpline, but it no doubt felt a lot longer. Finally, the confirmation he wanted came through and Graham was able to call Fiona and tell her about their new multi-millionaire status. “It wasn’t until she spoke to my colleague that it hit home,” he said.

Graham and Fiona have four children, so it’s no surprise that they intend to use some of their cash to treat their family and buy an overseas holiday home. They also intend to buy a new home in the UK.

“Our current house in Kendal has a yard but Fiona has always wanted a garden so we will be looking to find a large local family home with a green plot for her,” Graham said. “It will also help pay for further education for the children, although I am sure they will have some ideas of their own.”

Published: Wednesday 1st April 2009

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