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Corus Syndicate Success

Corus Syndicate Success
Updated: Monday 21st September 2015

A syndicate of eight Corus staff members were able to smile despite the threat of losing their jobs thanks to a National Lottery win of £2.2 million. The workers are based at the Scunthorpe steelworks and they were understandably nervous after Corus had announced that hundreds of jobs were at risk because of the falling demand for steel. But now their lottery win has helped to ease those job-related nerves.

The eight members of the syndicate will be splitting the jackpot prize between them equally, so each member now has a windfall of £275,000 at their disposal. Although the winners will no doubt be cautious about using their prize money wisely, they will almost certainly be making a point of enjoying a few treats as well.

Across the country the sense of anxiety about job security, the survival potential of small businesses and the general economic outlook is making people feel a bit more miserable than usual. Fortunately, the lottery is proving to be a lifeline of positivity amid the gloom, and with every Lotto, Daily Play and EuroMillions draw that takes place, players all over the UK are winning back the ability to leave behind their worries and start celebrating instead.

The story of the Corus steelworks syndicate is a nice reminder that lottery syndicates can help a whole group of lottery players to achieve their dreams collectively. Playing as a syndicate is useful because it helps to keep the cost of lottery tickets down for each member, whilst actually increasing their chances of winning. For example, instead of buying ten lottery tickets you could buy two tickets and get four of your friends to do the same. That way you would each spend one fifth of the usual amount and you would still have ten chances of winning in every draw.

For more information on this topic, take a look at our Lottery Syndicate page. Then consider joining a syndicate or forming your own. Who knows, it could be the decision that enables you to the same kind of lottery jackpot success as the Corus steelworks syndicate!

Published: Wednesday 29th July 2009

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