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Cool Cash Scratchcard

Cool Cash Scratchcard
Updated: Tuesday 27th February 2018

The “Cool Cash” scratchcard game has been withdrawn by Camelot after the national lottery operator was inundated with queries from disgruntled players who thought they had won but really hadn’t.

The Cool Cash game, which was only recently launched, has a wintry theme and requires players to scratch off a lower temperature than the one shown. Unfortunately, the arithmetical ability – or rather lack of it - of some people caused them confusion, because the game required the ability to know which of two negative temperatures was actually lower.

Those of us with a fairly rudimentary grasp of numbers know that if a temperature is to be lower than -6 it must be -7, -8 or colder. Sadly, some Cool Cash players weren’t able to get their heads around this, and thought that when they scratched a temperature of -5 or -4, they had actually won the game. According to reports in the Manchester Evening News, even some lottery retailers were confused by the rules of the game, and couldn’t understand why “winning” tickets were scanning as losers.

Scratchcards are a very popular form of lottery gaming in the UK, and there is a wide variety of cards available at any given time. The top prize in any game depends on the cost of the ticket, with more expensive games offering bigger jackpot prizes. Whilst some games are as simple as scratching the silver foil and matching three identical symbols in order to win a prize, some games require just a little more thought. Unfortunately for Camelot, the Cool Cash game, though perfectly understandable to many people, was just too challenging.

It wasn’t the instructions for Cool Cash that people found confusing. The instructions that were printed on the reverse of the game card were perfectly clear. The problem was that a frightening percentage of adults in the UK are far less able to cope with basic maths then most of us are aware of. Clearly, there was nothing that Camelot could do to change this situation, so the game was withdrawn and will now remain nothing more than a footnote in British lottery history.

Published: Monday 12th November 2007

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