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Colchester Lotto Prize Unclaimed

Colchester Lotto Prize Unclaimed
Updated: Friday 25th April 2014

A Lotto prize of £78,507 won by a ticket purchased in the Colchester area for Saturday 27 September, 2008, has gone unclaimed. All National Lottery prizes must be claimed within 180 of the draw taking place, and the deadline for this particular prize expired at 5:30pm on Thursday 26 March, 2009.

“Unfortunately, I can confirm that the ticket-holder did not come forward within the deadline to claim their prize and has now sadly missed out on this substantial amount of money,” a National Lottery spokesperson said. “To avoid this unfortunate situation happening again, I would urge all National Lottery players to check their tickets on a regular basis.

The Colchester ticket matched five main numbers and the bonus ball number on Saturday 27 September, and although lottery organisers tried their best to locate the rightful winner, they weren’t successful.

“We tried very hard to find the ticket-holder and it’s a real shame that they have missed out, but there is still one winner – the nation,” the National Lottery spokesperson continued. “This money will now go to the Good Causes, adding to the £22 billion which, over the last 14 years, has funded the biggest programme of civic regeneration seen in the UK since the 19th Century.”

As well as getting into the habit of checking the lottery results on a regular basis, National Lottery players can dramatically reduce their chances of missing out on a prize by playing online. Those who buy lottery tickets online can’t lose those tickets and if they win they are notified automatically by email. All you have to do then is go through the formal claims process and collect your cash!

Published: Monday 30th March 2009

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