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Clarkson Comment Attracts Complaints

Clarkson Comment Attracts Complaints
Updated: Wednesday 23rd April 2014

A tongue-in-cheek comment made by Jeremy Clarkson about record-breaking EuroMillions winners Colin and Christine Weir resulted in two viewers making a complaint to the BBC. The comment was made during the Top Gear television show last Sunday as Clarkson struggled to get into a Lotus T125 sports car, and all he said was that if the winners had any plans to buy the car then it would be worth doing so, but they would ‘have to lose a few pounds’. The comment was poking fun as his own size as much as anything else, but two viewers obviously thought that it was worth complaining about.

This event highlights another one of the inconveniences that big lottery winners who go public have to live with. Not only does going public make it easy for people to send them begging letters, it also makes them something of a celebrity, and that means they will sometimes be the butt of one-liners and broadcast banter.

Whilst we can’t say for certain, we suspect that if Jeremy Clarkson (or any other presenter) had made the same comment about a famous person from the world of politics or show business then the complaints wouldn’t have been made. After all, such passing jibes are commonplace on television and radio and for the most part they are tolerated without remark. What made this one a little different, we think, is that although they are household names, Colin and Christine Weir are not actually working in the public eye. And, let’s face it, people just seem to like complaining about things said by Jeremy Clarkson.

Those of us who haven’t yet won a lottery jackpot might dream of fame, fortune and some kind of celebrity status, but if we eventually get those things we shouldn’t be surprised if a TV or radio presenter decides to have a joke at our expense. The media has a long tradition of poking fun at the richest people in the land and that is just how it is. If such ‘Mickey-taking’ is tolerated for one group then it must be tolerated for all, and if poking fun at the Weirs is cause for complaint then that same standard should apply to footballers, actors, musicians and anyone else in the public eye.

Of course, most people reading this would be quite happy to have Jeremy Clarkson poke a little fun at them if they were compensated to the tune of £161 million. We can’t guarantee you that particular deal, but if you want the chance to win your own jackpot and discover for yourself what it is like to be rich and famous then we can help you to buy lottery tickets online. The EuroMillions jackpot on Tuesday 2 August will be worth around £13 million, so if your numbers come up you wouldn’t lose a few pounds – you would gain quite a lot of them! Good luck!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Tuesday 2nd August 2011

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