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Christmas Millionaire Scratchcard Winner

Christmas Millionaire Scratchcard Winner
Updated: Tuesday 22nd April 2014

A Christmas Millionaire scratchcard winner says that he intends to continue working even though he is now £1,000,000 richer. Mick Bell, who is 48, has a lifetime of experience in the building trade, and has been working as a self-employed roofer for the last four years. Although Mick says that he will carry on with his business in the usual manner, winning the £1 million top prize on the Christmas Millionaire lottery scratchcard is sure to make his life quite a bit easier, and he already has his eye on a brand new van that he can use for the day job!

Mick was on a job in Woodhouse Eaves in Leicestershire when he bought his winning lottery scratchcard. “I always buy my Lotto and EuroMillions tickets from the Spar shop as I used to live in the village,” Mick explained. “Occasionally I buy a scratchcard and normally I put it in my wallet and forget about it for a few days.”

But this time he didn’t put the scratchcard in his wallet for a few days. Instead, he decided to play straight away. “I started scratching as soon as I got back to the van and couldn’t believe my luck when I realised what I had just done,” he said. “I immediately went back to the shop to get them to check it.”

The staff at the store checked the ticket for Mick and advised him to call the lottery operator to make a claim. “And that’s when I started to shake,” Mick said.

Now the divorced dad of two is thinking about how to make the most of his brand new status as a millionaire. “I want to treat my family, my parents, brothers and two sons who have already got a wish list,” he said. “I’d like a new house, a nice sports car and a new van for work. But I won’t finish work. The win will make me and my family comfortable but I have worked hard to get where I am and want to continue.”

We congratulate Mick on his win and wish him continued success in the future. As for anyone else who would like to win a million or more in time for Christmas, lottery tickets are available online for the £22 million EuroMillions rollover game this Friday as well as for the £6.4 million Lotto rollover game on Saturday. Enjoy the games and good luck!

Written by Ian Bruce


Published: Thursday 1st December 2011

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