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Christmas Eve Millionaire Super Raffle results

Christmas Eve Millionaire Super Raffle results
Updated: Thursday 2nd January 2014

What a busy day it’s been with all the Christmas preparations finally reaching a climax. Of course for UK EuroMillions fans, the festivities aren’t the only thing reaching a climax today. All across Britain, players have been waiting for the Christmas Eve Millionaire Super Raffle results, well wait no longer, it’s time to find out if Santa is dropping you off a £1 million Super Raffle prize. Here are the Millionaire Super Raffle results for you to check and see if you are one of the 25 £1 million winners.

First eight Millionaire Raffle numbers drawn are:

BFM 398 783
DGD 159 945
DGD 719 200
DGF 818 051
DGF 851 397
DGG 277 361
DGG 310 516
DGJ 075 608

Following on from that, the next eight sets of £1 million raffle numbers are:

DGL 850 456
DGM 623 889
DGN 148 733
DGQ 683 415
DGR 032 175
DGS 561 280
DGT 361 529
DGV 087 857

If you watched the actual lottery show then you’ll know what an exciting affair it was, but if you haven’t already matched your £1 million number then here are the next eight Euromillions raffle numbers:

DGW 119 899
DGW 375 730
DGW 560 374
DGW 702 339
DGX 248 398
DHB 070 846
DHB 749 651
DHF 422 620

More excitement ensued on the live show, culminating in a dinosaur bursting out of the Natural History museum in London and bringing with it this final set of Millionaire Raffle numbers:

DHG 263 337

That’s the lot, hope you were lucky!

Published: Friday 24th December 2010

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