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Christmas Comes Early for Shropshire Lottery Syndicate

Christmas Comes Early for Shropshire Lottery Syndicate
Updated: Friday 15th August 2014

Thanks to the efforts of Santa Claus and his industrious elves, a lottery syndicate from Bridgnorth, Shropshire is now celebrating a £1 million jackpot win. The £1,045,504 prize was won in the UK Lotto draw on 28th June but no ticket holder came forward following the draw. The prize was due to expire on Christmas Day 2014, so lottery officials came up with an innovative appeal.

Santa Claus and his jolly elves created a “Winter Wonderland” in Telford Town Park on Tuesday 5th August to publicise the win in an attempt to find the ticket holder who had purchased their ticket at a Post Office in the Bridgnorth area. Santa’s efforts clearly paid off as local syndicate leader Lita Powney caught wind of local media reports and recognised the winning numbers straight away.

“I don’t check my tickets that often and was watching the TV and saw Santa in his grotto, surrounded by winning numbers and thought to myself, I’m sure they are ours,” Lita remarked.

Lita and her son-in-law Tim checked the winning numbers against the ones selected by the syndicate and, after confirming the win, she announced the good news to Jenny Jones, Angela Orpe, Josie Bromley, Joyce Hopkins and Janice Head. None of the other syndicate members believed Lita at first, but the rest of the women in the group soon realised that their lives had changed forever.

The syndicate has been going strong and playing the Lotto since the game began in 1994. They started off with nine members, but two members dropped out and so Lita took over their places in the syndicate and would get three shares of any possible win. Lita will receive £351,501 while the other six lucky ladies will take home £116,167 each. The syndicate members plan to go out in the near future and celebrate their win.

After his annual Mediterranean holiday, Santa made an additional trip to Shropshire to present Lita and the other syndicate members with their big cheque. Santa’s spokesperson said that Father Christmas was pleased to hear the prize had been claimed and that Christmas had come early for the lucky syndicate winners. Santa Claus also apparently “jumped at the chance” to make another journey to Shropshire in order to give the lucky winners the cheque.

Lottery.co.uk would like to remind players to check their tickets after a draw has taken place. All prizes are valid for 180 days after the draw date, after which any unclaimed prizes and accrued interest will be transferred to the Good Causes Fund. If the Shropshire syndicate hadn’t checked their tickets, they would have had a blue Christmas indeed! You can do away with the need to check your numbers simply by buying your tickets online. The secure online system notifies registered players if they win which eliminates the chance of a prizes going unclaimed. Visit the Lottery Tickets tab for more information.

Published: Monday 11th August 2014

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