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Check Your Lottery Tickets!

Check Your Lottery Tickets!
Updated: Friday 25th April 2014

All National Lottery players are urged to check their lottery tickets, especially any old ones that they might have tucked away in wallets, handbags and car dashboards. This is because there are several large prizes that have yet to be claimed, including a prize of £101,849 won by a ticket purchased in Glasgow for the draw held on Wednesday 6 May, 2009.

The problem with paper tickets is that it’s all too easy to put them away in ‘a safe place’ only to forget about them a few days later. And if you don't claim a prize within 180 days, you will void your right to do so afterwards. That’s one reason why we always recommend that people buy lottery tickets online. If you win a prize from a ticket bought online you are sent an email telling you about your success, and with no paper ticket to lose, your prize can be processed immediately.

Those who insist on buying their lottery tickets the old fashioned way are advised to adopt a couple of simple habits that can reduce the chances of them missing out on a prize that is rightfully theirs:

Adopt A Hiding Place – If you want to hide a paper ticket in a secure place, choose one specific place and use it consistently. This is so that you always know where your tickets are, and you won’t have tickets scattered around your car, home and office.

Check Results Regularly – Try to check your lottery results at least once a week. Go through your tickets and discard the losing ones that have expired (keep hold of any tickets that are still valid for future draws!) so that they don’t confuse the issue.

Adopting these two habits could prevent many people from missing out on lottery wins, but they are not foolproof. If you buy a Lotto or EuroMillions ticket whilst on holiday, you could forget to put it in your designated hiding place when you return home, which means you could just as easily forget to check the results against that ticket. You might also forget to check the results at all due to a hectic work schedule or busy family life.

Remember, when you buy a lottery ticket you are buying a chance to win millions, so don’t risk missing out on financial freedom by failing to keep an eye on the results! Follow our free Twitter lottery results service and claim any prize that you have won as soon as humanly possible.

Published: Friday 22nd May 2009

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