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Changes Coming to Lotto

Changes Coming to Lotto
Updated: Thursday 3rd October 2013

Excitement is taking over at Lottery.co.uk as there are some interesting changes happening to Lotto. The changes coming to Lotto are bound to appeal to people as they give players the chance to win prizes in a number of different ways. However, don’t worry these changes won’t affect how to play Lotto because this lottery is remaining a six from 49 game it’s just the prizes on offer to win being changed and also a very exciting new prize tier is being added. 

These changes are coming to Lotto in autumn 2013 so won’t be happening for a while yet. One of the main changes to Lotto is that bigger prizes will be available to win when you match three numbers. Currently this is set at a guaranteed £10, and has always been, however these changes will see it increase and more than double to £25.

In addition to that Lotto jackpots are also getting bigger as the starting jackpots for a Wednesday draw will be around £2.5 million and for a Saturday draw are increasing and on average be worth £5 million. All these changes and increases in prize values means that the cost of a Lotto ticket will also increase and go from £1 per line to £2.

The changes don’t stop there though because there is also the introduction of the Lotto Raffle. This is a brand new prize tier in Lotto which will see at least 50 ticket holders win a guaranteed £20,000 in every Lotto draw. This new Lotto Raffle will play out similarly to the UK Millionaire Raffle that is an additional game to the EuroMillions as it will have guaranteed raffle prizes on offer to win in each draw.

There will also be changes to the average prizes for some of the other Lotto prize tiers however, with more prizes on offer in the Lotto Raffle and bigger match three prizes and larger jackpots Lotto will soon turn into an even more exciting and thrilling lottery to play!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Wednesday 16th January 2013

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