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Carlisle Lottery Luck

Carlisle Lottery Luck
Updated: Friday 25th April 2014

A builder from Carlisle played a Lucky Dip ticket for the Lotto draw on Saturday 14 June and ended up winning a quarter share of the £12,154,268 jackpot. Anthony Nutbrown, who has four children and six grandchildren, is now £3,038,567 richer, and looking forward to a holiday with his partner Patricia.

“We had arranged a family barbecue on Saturday but we were running out of soft drinks so I went to the shop and decided on the spur of the moment to buy a couple of Lucky Dips while I was waiting in the queue,” Anthony said. “What a stroke of good luck that turned out to be!”

It was when he checked the Lotto draw numbers later that he discovered his spur-of-the-moment ticket purchase had suddenly given him multi-millionaire status. “I was checking my usual numbers against the draw numbers on Teletext and then remembered the Lucky Dip tickets,” he explained. “It was such an unbelievable feeling to find that all six numbers on the ticket matched the jackpot. I had to check and double-check before it finally sunk in.”

Anthony and Patricia are currently expecting a seventh grandchild, and with family being such a big part of their lives, they are looking forward to being generous with their new-found wealth. Anthony said: “We’re a very close family and winning the lottery means that we can support the children and grandchildren in ways we couldn’t do before. It’s a dream come true.”

Anthony has been playing the lottery from the very beginning, and his consistency has certainly been well rewarded. As well as looking forward to a well-deserved holiday, Anthony is planning to buy a Jaguar XKRS. The couple will also be treating themselves to a brand new home. Whether or not Anthony will decide to be involved in building it himself is something we will have to report on at a later date.

Published: Monday 23rd June 2008

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