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Carer Wins a Million by ‘Mistake’

Carer Wins a Million by ‘Mistake’
Updated: Thursday 3rd March 2016

A care worker from Chelmsford in Essex is celebrating after a ‘mistake’ made by a lottery retailer resulted in her winning a prize of £1 million. Lynne Groves, who is 58, requested Lucky Dip numbers for the Lotto game, but was given a ticket for the EuroMillions game instead. She had to wait for the error to be rectified, and the Lotto Millionaire Raffle number that she eventually received ended up matching the winner.

Lotto Millionaire Raffle and Lotto Raffle numbers are generated automatically at the point of purchase, so players don’t get to choose what their raffle entry numbers will be. The delay experienced by Lynne when she asked for her tickets meant that she just happened to be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time to scoop the guaranteed prize of £1 million.

Of course, some would say that the apparently fortuitous mistake was only lucky in hindsight, and that many other people could have just as easily received not-so-lucky numbers in a similar way. However, when a ticket that someone purchase wins a million, it doesn’t matter what other people say, and Lynne is so appreciative of the ‘mistake’ that her lottery retailer made that she intends to reward him with a holiday to Australia.

The Australian holiday treat is not only a reward for the role that the retailer played in Lynne landing the Millionaire Raffle prize, but it is also the winner’s way of honouring a longstanding and good-humoured agreement to buy him a holiday if she ever won the lottery.

Lynne has been a professional care worker for over three decades, so one of the first things that she intends to do is take early retirement. Her other plans include treating her partner and children to brand new cars, taking a holiday to Italy, setting up nest eggs for her grandchildren and treating them to a holiday of their own in Disneyland.

We congratulate Lynne on her seven-figure success, and we wish her every happiness for the future. And, for those players who would like a chance to try and experience a similar stroke of good luck, the EuroMillions and Lotto games this Friday and Saturday will offer jackpots worth around £19 million and £12.7 million, respectively. Visit our Lottery Statistics page to see which numbers are most overdue to appear, and let us know if you win big!

Published: Thursday 3rd March 2016

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