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British Ticket Wins £93m EuroMillions!

British Ticket Wins £93m EuroMillions!
Updated: Friday 17th July 2015

A single ticket that had been purchased right here in the UK won a jackpot worth £93,388,943 by matching all seven of the numbers drawn in the EuroMillions game last Friday 12 June. The results of that game, for those of you who haven’t yet checked your tickets, were 05, 08, 10, 11 and 37, along with the Lucky Star numbers 07 and 09. The £93 million success isn’t the biggest sterling win on record – that accolade belongs to Colin and Christine Weir who won £161 million in 2011 – but it is the sixth biggest, and one that will make the lucky winner richer than most!

Eight tickets matched the five main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars to win a second tier prize worth £246,326 each, and we are delighted to say that two of those tickets had also been purchased in this country. There were 10 tickets that matched five main numbers only to win £65,686 each at the third tier, and the fourth tier saw 122 tickets win £2,692 each by matching four main numbers and both of the Lucky Stars.

More than 4.6 million EuroMillions tickets won a prize of some kind on Friday night, and players in the UK collectively won a total of £100,211,291. Even if one were to deduct the £93.38 million jackpot prize from that sum, almost £7 million was landed in consolation prizes by players in this country, so well done to everyone who emerged from the game with a win. Congratulations also to the UK player who matched the Millionaire Maker code LZD367111 to win a separate prize of £1 million.

The £93.38 million jackpot winner will now have to make the difficult decision about whether to go public with their win or whether to try and keep a low profile, but we’re sure that their supersized bank balance will more than compensate for the ‘mental turmoil’ involved in that task.

Readers who would like to face similar difficult decisions – although perhaps not quite on the same scale – can have a go at winning a brand new jackpot of around £10 million in the next EuroMillions game this Tuesday. There is also a quadruple jackpot of around £13.4 million to play for in the midweek Lotto game on Wednesday, so click here to buy your tickets for both games and if you don’t succeed in one you just might succeed in the other. Good luck!

Published: Monday 15th June 2015

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