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Bonus Ball Win for Syndicate

Bonus Ball Win for Syndicate
Updated: Friday 18th September 2015

A syndicate of workers at the Glascote Heath, Tamworth branch of the refrigeration company Petit Forestier matched five main  numbers and the Bonus Ball on Saturday 13 February to win a Lotto prize worth £81,698. The lottery results for that draw were 16, 22, 24, 30, 39 and 44, and the Bonus Ball was number 09. There are thirteen members in the lottery syndicate, so each one now has an extra £6,284 to spend. The win was discovered by syndicate leader Diane Morgan, and her impromptu celebrations in the kitchen about what she thought was a simple five-figure win were more than enough to get the attention of her husband, David.

“I’d just got home from a disco my son had arranged and my husband David was with my grandson in the lounge,” Diane explained. “They rushed into the kitchen when they heard me screaming and shouting only to find me shaking like a leaf and shouting that I had matched five numbers.”

But the syndicate had matched more than five numbers – a fact that David was quick to point out when he saw that the winning ticket had also matched the Bonus Ball. A quick check of the lottery results confirmed that the syndicate had actually won £81,698 rather than a smaller five-number prize of £1,959.

By the time the numbers had been checked and double-checked, it was after midnight. Diane initially thought that it might be too late to call her fellow syndicate members to tell them the good news, but she decided to call a couple of them anyway and she sent a text message to one more. The rest of the members were contacted on Sunday morning.

The syndicate won with a line of numbers that one member had generated years ago using a novelty lottery machine, and the £81,698 is the biggest prize that the syndicate has landed by far. One member, Louise Walford, only joined the syndicate two weeks before the win, and the rest of the members are now viewing her as someone who brought them an extra special dash of good luck.

A syndicate party to celebrate the win is now on the cards, and members are intending to spend their cash on cars, home improvements and holidays, to name just three of the most popular options.

We congratulate the ‘Tamworth Lucky Thirteen’ syndicate, and invite anyone inspired by this success story to buy lottery tickets online and have a go at landing their own lottery win this week. The Lotto game on Wednesday 24 February will have an estimated jackpot of £2.4 million, and the EuroMillions game on Friday 26 February boasts a rollover jackpot that will be worth around £25 million, so there is plenty of lottery cash to play for! Good luck!

Published: Monday 22nd February 2010

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