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Bonus Ball Win for Scottish Syndicate

Bonus Ball Win for Scottish Syndicate
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

A lottery syndicate in Fort William is celebrating after matching five main numbers and the Bonus Ball in the Lotto game on Wednesday 26 January. This gave the syndicate a second-tier prize of £146,658, which isn’t at all bad when you consider that the syndicate – which has been playing for more than a year – hadn’t previously won a prize greater than £55. The five-member syndicate is led by Kathryn Masson, who is manager of the Road to the Isles filling station, and consists of her fiancé Ian Edgar and three of her work colleagues – Kerry Griffin, Irene Swinbank and Linda MacKinnon.

With five members in the syndicate, the win made each one £29,331 richer, which was a great way to end the first month of 2011. Syndicate member Kerry had watched the draw take place on television and called Kathryn just as soon as she realised they had won the second biggest prize in the game.

“I was literally on the phone until after 2am calling round everyone to tell them the fantastic news,” Kathryn said. “I am over the moon for everyone as times are tough and it’s a brilliant feeling to have won.”

Winning a lottery prize turns a very modestly priced ticket into a much more precious item, so naturally Kathryn was keen to keep the prize-winning ticket as safe as possible. In an effort to keep the ticket secure she put it in the safe at the filling station until the lottery organisation representative came to visit on Friday. Then, when the representative arrived, Kathryn couldn’t get the safe open…

“I thought everyone was going to be furious but they thought it was hysterical,” Kathryn said. “My fiancé Ian saved the day and got it open – thank god!”

The syndicate members are now drawing up their shopping lists, and as usual holidays and home improvements are proving popular.

“It’s nice to know everyone can clear their debts, have a nice holiday or a new kitchen then save a little nest egg,” Kathryn said. “It’s brilliant for Linda especially as she’s expecting a baby so it takes the pressure off.”

There is a EuroMillions rollover jackpot of £25 million to play for this Friday 4 February, and a Lotto rollover jackpot of around £7.2 million to play for on Saturday, so click here to buy your lottery tickets and you too could soon be celebrating!

Published: Thursday 3rd February 2011

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