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Bonus Ball Win for Bus Driver

Bonus Ball Win for Bus Driver
Updated: Thursday 24th April 2014

A 62 year old grandmother who drives a bus for the elderly won a Lotto prize worth £63,753 after matching five main numbers and the Bonus Ball on Wednesday 16 March. Patricia Lodge, who lives in Scunthorpe, had bought herself a Lucky Dip ticket from her local Sainsbury’s store when shopping for Red Nose Day items for her grandchildren. Not only did Patricia’s trip to the supermarket help to raise money for the Red Nose Day charity, it also gave her a Lotto fortune for good measure!

“I don’t religiously play the National Lottery every week,” Patricia said, “but if I have some spare cash in my purse then I will buy a ticket. I’d popped to Sainsbury’s to get the grandchildren some Red Noses and saw that I had some loose change so decided to buy a couple of tickets.”

Patricia bought two lottery scratchcards and one Lucky Dip ticket for the Lotto game on Wednesday 16 March. She waited until she returned home to play the scratchcard games and right then there were signs that Patricia was enjoying a bit of a lucky streak...

“I scratched off the scratchcards when I got home and saw they were both winners, with £1 on one and £5 on the other,” she said. “I didn’t check my Lotto ticket until the Thursday evening and when I did I thought I’d just matched five of the numbers. It wasn’t until my husband asked about the bonus ball a couple of hours later that I realised we’d actually won something much bigger!”

Patricia’s husband Stuart was made redundant in August 2010, and so finances were tricky for a while until he managed to secure a new position. The Lotto win will therefore come in very handy and give Patricia and Stuart some welcome stability as well as the chance to treat themselves.

“We plan to use the money to pay off bank cards and loans that we have,” Patricia said. “Like everyone we have borrowed money but winning this amount will allow us to pay these off and leave us a bit more financially secure. We’ll treat our family and we have already bought ourselves a new car, nothing fancy, just a pre-owned Vauxhall Zafira. We’re also going to see our daughter who lives in Mallorca. We had already planned to go and see her but now we will be able to treat everyone that little bit more when we are there.”  

Congratulations to Patricia and Stuart, and good luck to anyone who buys lottery tickets online for the £13 million EuroMillions game this Friday or the £4.4 million Lotto game on Saturday.

Published: Thursday 31st March 2011

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