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Bonus Ball Win for Ballroom Dancers

Bonus Ball Win for Ballroom Dancers
Updated: Thursday 24th April 2014

A couple who enjoy ballroom dancing are celebrating thanks to the Bonus Ball which gave them a Lotto win of £101,337 on Wednesday 6 April. Maureen Wilcock, who is 72, has been married to her husband Graham since 1980, and the couple were engaged for 22 years before that, so they certainly know what it means to be loyal. Now their loyalty to the Lotto game has paid off handsomely, but the couple didn’t find out about their midweek win until they went to buy their next ticket.

“We didn’t know we’d won until I went to buy a ticket for the following Saturday night’s Lotto draw,” Maureen explained. “I told Graham that we’d won when we were driving home but he didn’t believe me. He thought I’d got the numbers wrong! It wasn’t until our niece double-checked the numbers for us that we started to believe it and we celebrated with a cup of coffee!”

The numbers drawn on Wednesday 6 April were 7, 11, 13, 14, 38, and 41. If Maureen and Graham had only matched five of those numbers they would have won a third-tier prize worth £1,425, but because they also matched the Bonus Ball (45) they landed a second-tier prize of £101,337.

“We’ve had a good roll on the lottery recently,” Graham said. “We won £1,000 on a Lucky Dip at the end of last year and now this, it’s fantastic. Before this we’ve never really won anything, not even on raffles, so it’s lovely that we can treat ourselves and our family to some nice things.”

So how do the couple plan to spend their cash? “We love our garden and we’re going to spend some of the money doing the things we’ve been putting off,” Maureen said. “People will laugh but we really want a new fence! We’ve also got our eye on some new cars; I fancy a Nissan Micra and Graham has his eye on a Qashqai. We’re also going to treat our niece and her little boy to a holiday.”

We congratulate Maureen and Graham on their win and wish them all the best for the future. As for everyone else, why not buy lottery tickets online and see if you can win your own lottery fortune? The Lotto game this Wednesday has a rollover jackpot of £7.1 million up for grabs, and the EuroMillions jackpot on Friday will be worth around £13 million. Good luck!

Published: Tuesday 26th April 2011

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