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Bonus Ball Boost

Bonus Ball Boost
Updated: Friday 6th January 2017

The bonus ball made the difference between a win of £1,046 and £92,168 for a couple who matched five main numbers in the UK Lotto draw on Saturday 22 March.

Robert Marriot and his wife Pam had recently booked a summer holiday to Corfu, and they thought their modest win would pay for it. Then they realised they had also matched the bonus ball and had won much more.

“We checked the Lotto numbers on Teletext on Sunday morning,” Robert said. “Pam noticed we had four, then five numbers. We saw from the screen that we had won £1,046, enough to pay off the holiday – but then we noticed we had matched the bonus ball as well and our winnings had rocketed to £92,168. We couldn’t believe it.”

Find out more about the role of the Bonus Ball in Lotto on the dedicated page.

It’s amazing how much difference one more number can make in a lottery game, and also how easy it is to think that we have won less money than we really have. When we finally recognise the fact that we have won a significant amount of cash, our first instinct is to question our senses to make sure that we aren’t dreaming or hallucinating. Many people contact someone else to share the good news and – probably on a subconscious level – get confirmation that they really have checked their numbers properly.

“Pam called our son straight away but he couldn’t believe it either,” Robert said. “It didn’t feel real. Pam hid the ticket in her handbag and then hid the handbag in the house. We were determined not to lose the ticket.”

The Marriots are now planning to visit Egypt in 2009. They also want to spend money on home improvements and treat themselves to a weekend of fishing in France.

“We are over the moon with this win,” Robert said. “We are both going to continue working but it’s great to know that in the future we can retire in style and also treat ourselves now.”

Published: Monday 14th April 2008

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