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Bingo Lotto

Bingo Lotto
Updated: Monday 21st September 2015

A lottery syndicate of bingo players were celebrating after six particularly lucky numbers enabled it to win a £737,319 share of the jackpot on Saturday 6 September, 2008. The Quakers Yard Syndicate has 28 members, so each member will take home £26,332 – enough to make life a little brighter as the nights draw in.

The lottery syndicate of 26 women and 2 men is based in Quakers Yard near Merthyr Tydfil and led by Jeanette Harris, a 58 year old factory worker. But it wasn’t Jeanette who first discovered that the bingo players had struck lottery gold.

“I usually check the syndicate’s tickets on a Saturday night, but I was making arrangements to go out with a friend at the time and thought it could wait until I arrived home later that night,” Jeanette explained. “One of my friends from bingo called and was screaming at me in excitement to check our numbers. From then on it all became a bit of a blur and I was numb with shock.”

Screaming. Excitement. Shock. It certainly sounds like a lottery win to us, and that means cause for celebration. The Quakers Yard group reached the same conclusion.

“That night a few of the syndicate came to my house to celebrate,” Jeanette continued. “but the real celebrations took place on Monday night when we all got together for our weekly bingo session. It was lovely to have everyone share the excitement.”

The lottery win could be cosmic payback for the good deeds that the Quakers Yard players have been doing. They have been raising money from their weekly bingo games to help raise funds for the construction of a new village community centre, and that good cause was recently helped on its way with a grant from the National Lottery. Now the players have won themselves a useful cash injection.

“All of us have worked very hard over the years and the money will mean so much to everyone,” Jeanette said. “A lot of the group are retired, so it will be a welcome addition to everyone, but most of all it will ensure peace of mind for the future.”

Published: Monday 15th September 2008

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