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Biggest March Lotto Jackpot Landed

Biggest March Lotto Jackpot Landed
Updated: Monday 16th June 2014

The estimated value of the jackpot for the midweek Lotto game last night had been £6.5 million, but the top prize actually weighed in at more than £1 million heaver, with a final value of £7,606,458. That made the latest Lotto jackpot the biggest of the month, and we are delighted to tell you that it was won by a single ticket. The results which created the month's biggest Lotto winner on Wednesday 26 March were 20, 29, 33, 35, 37 and 40, and the Bonus Ball was 05. 

The Bonus Ball wasn't at all important to the player who won the jackpot by matching the six main numbers, but it was life-changing for the owner of one ticket that had already matched five of the main numbers. By catching the Bonus Ball as well, the ticket won a second-tier prize which was worth £271,931, so somebody is more than a quarter of a million pounds richer this morning for effectively finishing in second place!

There were 97 tickets that matched five main numbers only and the owners of those entries won a third tier prize worth £2,380 each. Another 5,800 tickets matched four main numbers to win £210 each, and 117,924 tickets won £25 each by matching three main numbers. Because the main game last night offered a rollover jackpot, the Lotto Raffle game created 100 winners of £20,000 each instead of the standard 50.

Now that the Lotto jackpot has been landed, the Lotto Raffle game will revert to awarding 50 prizes of £20,000 in the next game this Saturday 29 March. The jackpot itself is expected to be worth around £4.3 million, and although that isn't quite enough for anyone to steal the 'Biggest Lotto Winner of March' title, it is still the kind of money that can make most other dreams come true.

The most common lottery numbers as we head to the next Lotto game are 44, 40, 38, 23, 25 and 39, whilst the most overdue numbers are 47, 32, 06, 18, 42 and 41. We don't know whether any of those numbers will help anyone to win the jackpot on Saturday, but we'll keep our fingers crossed for those of you who decide to give one or two of them a chance. Click here to buy your tickets and you could soon be ending the month with a big win!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Thursday 27th March 2014

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