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Belated Valentines Win

Belated Valentines Win
Updated: Friday 25th April 2014

We’ve all heard about absent-minded men forgetting Valentine’s Day, but a couple of Lotto players in Spalding did even better and completely overlooked a National Lottery win worth £101,823.

Chris and Janet Gaff had matched five main numbers and the bonus ball in the draw held on Saturday 14 February, 2004, but they didn’t realise it until they read a story in their local newspaper about a missing lottery winner who had not yet come forward to claim their prize.

“I’d been on a business trip to Zurich during the week and was catching up on the news in our local papers, when I read about the campaign to find a missing Lotto ticket in our area,” Chris explained. “For a while I couldn’t even find our ticket, but when I eventually discovered it in a pile of paperwork and began to check the numbers, it gradually dawned on me that I was the ‘missing person’ and was holding the winning ticket in my hand.”

Janet describes how Chris reacted to the discovery: “I was getting ready for a social event and Chris kept calling up the stairs asking if I knew where our old lottery tickets were. I was preoccupied with painting my nails at the time and wasn’t taking too much notice of him, but all of a sudden he came bursting into our bedroom holding a local paper in one hand and waving a Lottery ticket in another and asking me to double check the numbers. When he pushed the ticket into my hand it got covered in nail polish, but thankfully I could still read the numbers and that was when we finally realised that we were the missing winners.”

Chris and Janet have played the National Lottery ever since it was launched in 1994. The couple are now planning to enjoy a well-deserved holiday with the winnings brought by their successful lottery results. “We had been saving to take a cruise around Norway, but our win means that we can now go ahead and book it,” Chris said. “This year we’ll be celebrating 37 years of marriage and we can’t think of a more romantic way of spending some of our very special Valentines Day present.”

Published: Monday 23rd March 2009

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