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Batman Arrives at Lottery Casino

Batman Arrives at Lottery Casino
Updated: Tuesday 12th April 2016

Holy jackpots, the Batman has arrived at Lottery Online Games! Okay, so it’s the Batman slots game rather than the Gotham City superhero himself, but we’re still very excited about the arrival and we think that you will be too – especially if you play the game and win yourself a huge stack of money as a result. If you haven’t played any of the instant games at Lottery.co.uk yet then now is a great time to see what’s on offer, because Batman slots is just one of the recent arrivals…

The Batman slots game puts you in the role of the Caped Crusader himself as you spin the reels, trigger the Batman Re-Spins Feature or even play for big money in the Descent Into Madness bonus round. You can play anything from 1 to 50 pay lines and the cash prizes are big enough to make even Bruce Wayne blush.

Another new title at the Lottery Casino Games Room is Wonder Woman. This slots game is also packed with plenty of superhero action, but in this case girl power rules and Princess Diana uses her remarkable strength of character and muscle to foil the bad guys. Expect luscious graphics, atmospheric audio and – lest we forget – even more massive cash prizes.

Monkeys to Mars is a more tongue-in-cheek slots game which allows you to explore exactly what might happen if primates were given the chance to explore the depths of outer space. Yes, we know that the notion isn’t very realistic, but if you like a giggle when you play online slots games then the Monkeys to Mars title will deliver them in droves. Fortunately, all prizes are paid in cash rather than bananas!

Area 21 is another space-themed online slots game that has just invaded – sorry, arrived at – guess where? - the Lottery Games Room. When you play this game you can expect to encounter plenty of aliens as well as participate in a special Blackjack bonus round (which is why it’s Area 21 and not Area 51!)

You can play all of these games – and a whole lot more besides – by visiting the games.lottery.co.uk and following the simple instructions provided. If you can point and click then you’ll find playing at the Lottery Casino dead easy, and if you’re lucky you just might win yourself a fortune by teatime!

Published: Tuesday 13th October 2009

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